Concert Time Machine Series – Bo Diddley

What a showman Bo Diddley must of been during his prime. After watching this clip, a Bo Diddley show in 1965 would be worthwhile of a concert time machine trip.

First of all, the guitar riff is great. It doesn’t change much and immediately takes one back to this era.

Props to anyone that can figure out why the women are tethered to the speakers but the woman on the right is Norma Jean Wofford. Norma-Jean is epitome of cool from everything I could find. Known as the Duchess, it had to be a gutsy call to have a woman guitar player in your band during this time.

I can only imagine you are paralyzed or hurt if this doesn’t make you move.

The screams of the girls do not match but they sound pretty damn excited.

1:20 is when you see him get fired up…great part of the video.

2:04 makes me think they are suddenly at Oprah’s Best of Show.

5:19 doesn’t look scripted but just part of the show.