Dunbar – Does it get better than this?

Day 2 of Golf in Scotland was set east of Edinburgh at the Dunbar Golf Club.  Built in 1856, Dunbar Golf Club is situated along the coast and it was probably my favorite golf experience Scotland. The hospitality was welcoming. We took the train to Dunbar which was a first for all of us..You get off the train and head to the course with your clubs.

The course is great from the start. Rarely do you start with a couple Par 5’s but at Dunbar you get a chance to get some early wins. There are so many unique holes that have great angles. These angles provide the chance to get creative on almost every hole. It’s definitely a course you would feel better about playing a second time because of a couple blind shots. The weather for this round was incredible. We thought the rain was coming but it never hit us like at Kilspindie. Our group probably had the most great shots at Dunbar. There were great putts, chips, drives etc.

We finished the round and headed to the clubhouse where we spent the next couple hours drinking and eating some great food. Taking in the history of the course in their trophy room, I cannot recommend a better golf experience. Take extra cash to Dunbar. They had a great pro shop with some great merchandise. The pictures and videos tell the story.


Walking form the train to the course.


Great clubhouse positioned near #1.



Great logo.

Brian Martorana

The wall divided many of the holes.



Brian Martorana

Brian Martorana

Could of eaten two plates…

Brian Martorana

Guti Cup made another appearance.

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