Friends from the start…


One of the parents said it the first night. I forget who now but it rang true Labor Day weekend. Someone mentioned how great it was that no matter the time between visits, our kids just start playing. Surely some of that is the nature of children to just jump in and play. But I believe most of it comes from some kind of immediate acceptance of the situation. Somehow, we have taught our kids our friends are your friends. Their kids? Your friends. It’s unspoken and just happens.

The key will be in keeping it going for years to come. It takes effort. It takes time. But it’s easy. Make sure we get the kids together every so often and hopefully foster friendships that are similar to ours. There is no pretense here..Five friends from college that have known each other for over 20 years hopefully helped foster friendships to come for years.


If you haven’t planned a trip in a long time, do it now. Don’t flinch. Pick a weekend. Oh it will be chaos. Crying. Screaming. Fights. But there will also be lasting memories for everyone. This is the fourth time we have gotten most of this group together. I can only hope my kids never forget these times and they stay friends.