Gullane Review – A great final day…

Our final round in Scotland was at Gullane. Three courses that revolve around a vast hillside set the location for a great day of golf. We were set up to play Gullane No. 2  and Gullane No. 3. Gullane No. 1 had just hosted the Scottish Open. My friend Eric and I had spent a good three hours watching that tournament on Father’s Day weekend. Watching that much of the Scottish Open at Gullane put us officially in Scotland mode for the next 30 days. Playing 36 holes at Gullane was a fitting way to end our trip. We battled through the any soreness, tiredness and the elements. It was like our bodies knew we were done after today. No reason to worry about the hill you had to climb what seemed like 34 times.

It was bittersweet playing Gullane on our last day. We had just spent 6 days in Scotland watching and playing some great golf. Things to know about Gullane:

The rough is relentless. During our time at Gullane, we spent a good portion of our rounds in Easter egg hunt mode. We take full blame on that by the way. Twenty yards off the fairway meant we played quite a few provisional balls. When you found your ball in the deep rough, a wave of relief would come over you instantly. And it was a complete crapshoot. One hole you could see exactly where the ball went in and not find it…the next hole you could not see the ball disappear behind a hole and walk into the rough only to instantly find it…

The hill. The courses we played ran up and down a large hillside that created some great views and fun shots. Since most of our golf had been played on the coast, the hills gave us great views of the coast and landscape. This video below shows the hole at the top of the hill. Sand wedge from 170 almost made the green with the change in elevation and wind. Some golfers have been known to putt the ball down this hill in certain conditions.

The weather. Combine the day and the location and we had all four seasons. Wind. Cold. Warmth. Rain. We had it all that day and wouldn’t trade that for anything. We ended in some of the best weather we had that week. During the round I had on gloves, a stocking hat and finished with a golf shirt on…

Brian Martorana Brian martorana

The hospitality. From the moment we arrived, the staff was very hospitable and accommodating. The starter was quick to give us tips on certain holes etc. The star for the day went to John Greer who manages the food and beverage offerings at Gullane. John, after reminding me to remove my hat in the clubhouse, made our last day in Scotland nothing short of memorable.

Brian Martorana

John kept the bar open for us to have a couple beers before we left. When John found out we had hoped to play the difficult opening hole of the Scottish Open, he demanded we grab our clubs and head to the tee box. He chaperoned us over to hole 2 of Gullane No. 1 and away we went. Week long bets were settled and none of us could manage par on the difficult par 4.

Below are some great videos of our day at Gullane.

Getting to play the opening hole to the Scottish Open.