Kids & Content

The other day, I saw Anchorman on the guide and thought to myself. “I cannot wait until I can watch that show with my kids.” My kids, Kate (10) and Joe (7) are far too young to watch that movie. Or pretty much most of the ones I refer to as classic comedies. Wedding Crashers. Old School. Major League. The movies that have staying power. The ones that when on the TV, you seem to stop and watch them.


What is interesting is that my parents, born in the 50’s, didn’t have a chance to share content like I do now as a parent. If my Dad were to tell me that Caddyshack was a great movie, I would have to trust him and he would have to either wait for it to hit TV or we would have to see if the one copy was available at the video store.


This realization that I can share much more content with my kids isn’t some grand Eureka moment. Sharing is the norm now with social media and online content. And it’s reserved to movies. It’s anything. Music. Movies. TV Shows. I wonder if the kids will think they are good movies, funny, worth watching. Or will they seem just like the “oldies” when I was going up.


Below are the movies, I cannot wait to watch with my kids someday. Next posts will cover TV shows and music.


Major League

I can picture the movie theatre I was in for this movie. One of my favorites of all time. I cannot wait to watch it with the kids who are big baseball fans. There are so many subtle baseball jokes intertwined with sayings that are still said during games today. And, my son’s nickname is Jobu. Can’t wait until he sees this clip:


Old School

This movie will be important from a timing standpoint. I’ll have to wait until Joe is out of college to watch this with him…although he’ll probably see it before then. For those that joined a fraternity, this strikes a chord with reliving those days of less responsibility. No job. No bills. Just class and hanging out.


A Few Good Men

This has to be one of my first memories of enjoying a serious movie. I remember watching this movie in the Crown Center theater. I was 16 and I think it’s the first movie I can remember having to remember intricate plot lines, deep conversations and important details. Until this point, I had just watched movies to laugh and see things blown up.


Pulp Fiction

I probably watched this 3-5x’s a year in college. Never got old. So many great lines. My favorite scene is below, probably the same for many folks. This is one of those movies where it will be so much fun to watch someone take it in for the first time…no preconceived notions.


Something About Mary

Megan and I saw this movie on a Friday. We had not heard one thing about, just decided to give it a chance based on the actors. I can still remember seeing other movie-goers slapping the seats in laughter. The squirm factor is high on this one with the kids though..I would say between Megan and I, we quote something from this movie 10x’s a year. I still can remember the moment when they showed the zipper incident in the theater. This is one where I wonder if the kids will find funny.

What are some of the movies you look forward to sharing with the kids?