Stub Story: Pearl Jam 10/12/2000

I’ve decided to start a series around the ticket stubs I have saved from concerts and sporting events I have attended. Although having tickets on my phone is both convenient and easy, I do get a little bummed out that ticket stubs have gone by the wayside.

The stub story is from a concert I attended with a co-worker while I was manning the cart barn at The National Golf Club. Chris Keefe and I have similar music interests and it was a no-brainer when the Budweiser rep handed us two tickets to that evening’s show. Row M on the aisle. We arrived about 5 minutes before Pearl Jam hit the stage.


KC Set List
Things that I remember or stand out from the show:

  • I specifically remember the long build up for the opener “Release.” The song on the album is over 9 minutes long and I believe they got that out of the first song of the night. Each band member slowly made their way out and added their instrument to the build. Eddie finally limped out (he twisted his ankle the night before) with a bottle of red wine and went right into the song. I’ve always had a fondness for slow building songs and I don’t think I could of picked a better song to start the show.
  • Eddie honored Derrick Thomas to the crowd a few months following his death in February 2000.
  • If you were ranking crowd sing-along songs you could make a case that “Better Man” is the top song for that activity. I distinctly remember Eddie letting the crowd take over for a few lines. Here’s a great version of “Better Man.” Raise the hair on your arms situation.



  • “Black” is one of my Top 10 songs of all time. They ended the first set with “Black” and honestly, they could of just ended the show there.
  • Eddie finished two bottles of wine during the evening and while that would put me on short-term disability, it did nothing to the energy of the show. A 10 minute version of “Rearviewmirror” followed by a busted tambourine cover of “Keep on rockin in the free world” drained all the energy out of me…and I wasn’t even performing.

I don’t think anything would of made this show better from what I can remember. Credit to any band that can make Sandstone a worthwhile venue. While I tend to enjoy shows indoors vs. outdoors, during this show, that didn’t matter. I think another reason this show sticks out in my mind is the manner in which I attended. Often times we purchase tickets and put the show on a calendar. We anticipate the show. Listening to albums and songs days in advance. This was completely out of the blue and added to the memory. One minute I’m working, the next minute I’m on my way to Pearl Jam 13 rows back.

Click here to stream the show. I recommend headphones.